Jennifer Dahl

In Person Counseling in the Jacksonville, Florida area

Many individuals have said that coming into a counseling session in person is like being in someone’s living room. The warm, comfortable, and inviting area provides an atmosphere to discuss any issues or topics that need to be discussed. Although I have extensive education, training and experience, the down to earth approach makes for counseling to be more comfortable when discussing difficult or emotional issues. My range of experience and being non-judgmental provides the community with a counselor who works with many different lifestyles.

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  • Focused on teen counseling (including self-harm).
    I have extensive experience working with this population. Teen issues are unique due to the ever-changing world with the increase in bullying including cyber bullying, which requires immediate attention. Whether it is poor grades, relationship issues or mental health disorders, there is always a treatment that can help. Teens may not want to open up to their parents and having a non-judgmental approach allows me to connect with teens and provide solutions.
  • Adult issues including mental health disorders, chronic medical conditions, and/or life issues In today's world, there is so much going on, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Finding time for counseling services can be an invaluable way to become healthier.
  • Veterans and their families The issues facing our veterans are unique due to being in combat, long periods away from their family, and having to move to different commands. The families are providing support for the veteran which can be stressful. Family members often feel isolated moving to a city with no support. Counseling services are supportive to the veteran and/or the family.
  • Bariatric pre and post-operative counseling along with evaluations Surgeons generally require bariatric patients have a mental health clearance before surgery is approved. This can be done quickly by answering questionnaires and an interview that can be done in person or through video services. A clearance letter is provided to your coordinator. Many bariatric patients are in need of pre and post-operative counseling due to the emotional hurdles that will arise.

Career Coaching Services

With over 20 years of career coaching experience, my services will provide the individual with support through any phase of the job search process. Through planning, we can individualize your resume, job search, interviewing skills for finding your new path to your career. These services are provided through different types of packages offered. Coaching services can be through video, telephonic, messaging or in-person.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

Being certified in dealing with a crisis situation from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc (ICISF) allows me to be part of a group that provides support after a traumatic situation has occurred. These services are offered upon request.